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Monday, March 22, 2010

Unit 4: Psychospiritual Flourishing

I listened to the meditation CD and read the textbook, which I found very interesting and relaxing. I have practiced loving-kindness before without even realizing what this was prior to taking this class. I hae enjoyed feeling and experiencing loving-kindness and have shared my experiences in this class with the girls in the office. Two of them loved listening to how I explained techniques for relaxing and learning how to find that inner peace. I plan on buying htem meditation CDs for their birthdays this year since we exchange gifts each year. Won't they be surprised!

1. As I listened to the CD, I found this information very inspirational and relaxing. I did manage to hear myself breathe and found that I could experience loving-kindness after finding this within myself first. I had positive thoughts too of my loved ones, especially my children. When I had to direct my love towards people I work with, I found it a little difficult to direct towards two of my bosses that are not very nice toward me. I was able to see through their nastiness and see that I am happy no matter what their issues may be. I see they are not happy people and during this meditation exercise, even their negativity did not affect my thoughts in any way except that I felt sorry for them not knowing what it is like to experience love and happiness through the powers of the mind.

I would highly recommend this CD to my two bosses at work, so they can experience mind-body, happiness, loving-kindness, and well-being.

2. Mental workout is the way we expeience mental or meditation exercises by repeating them and by re-training the mind to heal and develop health and happiness leading to human flourishing.

Research indicates that psychospiritual flourishing occurs as we re-train our mind to experience loving-kindness, inner peace, wisdom, and happiness by rechanneling the negative emotions through meditation and deep breathing techniques.

I can implement mental workouts to foster my psychological health by listening to the CD each night before bed, so I can get a good night's sleep without bringing all my worries and negative thoughts to bed with me. I may listen to the CD in the mornings too before leaving for work, so I have a clear mind and start the day off on the right foot.

Jill Jernee


  1. Jill,

    I completely understand how you would like for your bosses to listen to the CD. I have a similar issue and I often wonder if they are just so miserable in themselves they need to make others miserable.


  2. Hey Jill, I was in your position at one of my past jobs as well. I was not too fond of some of my coworkers only because of their negative mindset and how they treated others. It was really hard for me to hear things they said about other people and then go about their days like everything is fine. I did not have the courage to confront them. I am a lot younger than them and some of them were males too. I just did not feel comfortable confronting them about that. I wonder if I was in this course during the time I had that job if I would have given them a CD like ours in class??! :) I guess I will never know, BUT I know what I can do if I run into anything like that again in the future! I am glad you are close enough and strong enough to pass on the good word to them. :) You can do it!

  3. Hey Jill the CD was graet and set you up for a enviroment of peace to focus on the moment to enter the higher plains of love. Once your present awareness deepens, you can then apply it to a variety of purposes and activities, from getting the job done more effectively at work to improving your relationships, from managing your stress and enhancing your well-being to healing from illness and cultivating compassion for others. The uses and applications of meditation are literally too numerous to mention.

    LUV YA!