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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reflections and Well-Being

Based on my relections, I would rate my physical wellbeing as a 5, my spiritual well-being as a 8, and my psychological well-being as a 7 because I could stand to lose some weight and have not been working out due to my full-time job, my commute to and from work which is over an hour both ways, and taking care of my children when I come home then trying to keep up with homework. I tend to eat junkfood when I'm stressed out craving sugar like I an alcoholic craves a drink. I know this is not a healthy choice for me but after I finish school, I tend to get back into an exercise routine each evening. I can begin once the weather warms up too with going outside for walks with one of my colleagues on the walking path on my company premises.

My spiritual well-being is pretty good in that I attend church regularly with my family and I feel so good afterwards like a different person. A happier person. The music, the choir, the sermons, and the entire mass just do wonders to my spiritual side. I am ready to start the day with whatever comes my way and feel I will be better able to handle any situation that comes along. I am thankful for my family and to me, going to church is quality time together and we meet new people this way. Good to see old friends too.

My psychological well-being is kind of down whenever I go to my job because I do not like what I do for a living. Some times I find the people on the job makes me so miserable that I feel like the old Jill is no longer there. Some times I even tell people it's as if this place kills my inner-spirit. I feel more alive and like my old self each night I leave and head home to be with my family. My family comes first and that is why I am going to school. I want to better myself and be happier in my next career. I am trying to follow my heart and I love taking care of people and helping them out. I plan to look for a new job closer to home and get out of the environment I am in. I'm sure I will soon arrive at my new destination and I will be happy again. In the mean time, music and songs tend to soothe me. I feel words can be expressed in song too, which clears my mind of stressful situations.

The goals and activities I paln to implement into my life are taking small walks to start to get back into an exercise routine and being losing some weight as well as drinking more water. This goal is for my physical well-being. The goal I have for my spiritual well-being is to spend more time listening to meditation tapes and practice taking deep breaths at work when I do not have any tapes with me. I will be there to always spend time with my boys too. As far as my psychological goal, I will need to learn how to deal with my current situation both at work and at home with everything going on. I will have to learn to take time out for me and turn the negative thoughts into positive ones to help get me through each day.

While listening and practicing along with The Crime of the Century relaxation exercise, I found I had a hard time focusing at first on the different colors of the rainbow. Not sure why but I did. About half-way through, I was able to start focusing more on each of the colors as they came through a tiny hole in each of my body parts. I felt totally relaxed as I went through the breathing exercises and began to visualize. Here and there I could hear my children fighting in the other room and my husband intervening. Then I would begin to lose focus again and try to make myself aware of the exercise I am listening too in order to bring me back into complete concentration again. It was beneficial in the end because I woke up and felt like I was in a daze. Totally relaxed!


  1. Jill, great post! Just do not be so hard on yourself. You have so much going in your life right now and it can be overwhelming. Sounds life you are on the right path with your goals stated. I was in your shoes a couple years ago, where I would just cry everytime I had to go to work. I was working 3 twelves every week. Finally, a door was opened wide open for me. I was not even really searching for job yet when one was just laid out for me. I loved taking care of my clients in the hospital, but just did not get the satisfaction out of nursing that I really wanted and the hospital (the only local hospital) I worked in was so political and if you did not kiss up your career was at a halt. I had more respect for myself and my skills for that, I had to move on. Good Luck with everything you do. I know you can do. I have already noticed that you are a great person with a big heart and you can do anything you choice.

  2. Whats up Jill, hey you hang in there! You are on the right track to wholeness. You are a great person! What if everything you’ve always longed for is already inside of you? How can it be then that we suffer loss, illness, depression & crisis? How is it we get stuck in chronic life patterns, actions, or struggles with relationships or work? And when we find ourselves there:

    Do we simply treat the symptoms, suppress the feelings, or attempt to escape the pain with medication or outer Distractions? ~ OR ~Do we try to discover & address the underlying root cause, and use the time as opportunity for spiritual growth & Self-

    Clarify your goals and direction, clear mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks. Relize your dream and purpose Jill and you will start to Soar! Love ya!