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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I loved actually experiencing the music on the CD and the woman and gentleman who spoke giving specific instructions which were pretty much to relax. I had a hard time at first because my husband and dog entered the room, so had to throw them out and start the CD all over again. Oh well! This time I was able to concentrate and totally relax. I loved the sounds of the ocean waves crashing along the shore in the background. I love the beach, so this sound is very soothing to me. I did not want to open my eyes when I was done listening to this CD and I did notice a calmer me when I did awake, although I was ready to fall asleep afterwards. I forced myself up from the floor and came into my office to write about the experience I just had. I know as I continue to listen to this CD over and over again, I will fall right into a routine and not even think about other things. I know this class will be a great experience. I cannot wait to learn more.


  1. Jill, I felt the same way at the end, and did have a difficult time at first too. I did not even notice the sounds you did, I want to try this again to see what I pay attention to this time.

  2. Hi Andrea...look at me...I'm blogging, whoa! I've never done this before and can't believe it is up and running for me now. Thanks for your help today. :)

    I loved the sounds in the background and did focus in on them with my eyes closed. Felt great! Next time I think I will turn the lights off and shut my bedroom door to see if this makes more of a difference, which I'm sure it will.