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Friday, April 16, 2010

Unit 8 - Beneficial Exercises that Foster Mental Fitness

Unit 8 – Blog

My two most beneficial practice exercises are loving-kindness and the subtle mind. I have been practicing each of them twice a day (morning and night) and I am getting better at clearing my mind for them. I still have to use the CDs though to coach me through. I feel so relaxed and renewed once I have completed my exercises. I have calmness about me and I can deal with all the chaos around me much better than before. I still have to try yoga, which is another goal to accomplish after I finish school, which is only in a couple of more weeks. I am so excited!

I can implement both the loving-kindness and subtle mind exercises into my personal life to foster mental fitness by continuing to practice inner love and turning my love outward towards strangers and people all around me through picturing them in my mind first. Inner healing, peace, love, happiness, and wholeness are experienced as I learn to develop myself in order to reach human flourishing and integral health. The more I practice, the healthier and happier I become. I can share my knowledge with others including my husband and children. By my family practicing these exercises together, we can handle situations better and do more together as we connect spiritually. Church is a wonderful experience and feeling as we all spend quality time with one another and sing hymns that enlighten our hearts and moods. Music is a great way to heal the inner self and feel good about life. We erase negative thoughts from our minds and replace with positive ones, so we develop an appreciation for life. We can share this knowledge with others through awareness and decrease illnesses. Integral health and human flourishing can be reached with patience, an open-mind, time, and practice. We have to be willing to experience each step in the healing process along the way.


  1. Jill,

    Time has flown,hasn't it? I think this class has definitely been one that I will get the most benefit from. I know loving kindness is an excellent exercise that I intend to enjoy for many years to come. I also intend to teach my daughter. The years that are coming for her will be full of heartache either related to boys or just the typical teenage drama. I think if I can teach her the self love that I have learned so much later in life, she might avoid some of the pitfalls that I have faced.

    Good Luck,

  2. Jill,
    I can't believe we are almost done!!!!!! The subtle mind practice is a diffiuclt one for me that is going to take practice. I did find myself thinking negative thoughts and spending too much time dwelling over issues in my life and since starting the subtle mind practice daily I spend less time focusing on the negative and more time looking for positive aspects as in the van incident.

  3. Hi Andrea,

    I understand what you mean about dwelling over negative issues when trying to practice the subtle mind exercise. I think this one is the most difficult too but I do find that it works best on days that I am calmer and having a good day versus a bad day even though I have tried to concentrate on this exercise on a bad day. The more we practice it, I think it will get easier for us but we have to stick with it and not give up as anything we try in life. If you know these exercises will do you good in the long run, why not continue to concentrate and focus as much as you can on practicing them? I believe eventually you will experience human flourishing as long as you stick with it.


  4. Dear Jill,

    Hey there! I really enjoyed reading your Unit 8 blog. I chose two other, separate practices (meditation and visualization) than you did to be most beneficial in my life. Yet, after reading your entire blog I see why the subtle mind and loving-kindness are more beneficial for you. Once you use the CD repetetively for a prolonged period of time, the exercises should come to you naturally. Therefore, you won't need to go through the hassle of using the CD anymore.

    I too have learned that turning my love outwards to strangers and even enemies can bring your life joy and pleasure. It feel good to treat everyone equal!

    Great Blog!!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. JIll, great implementations. I am currently trying to get my family involved, especially my husband. We just lost his mother on the 15th of this month and the funeral for her was this past Sunday. It has been stressful for us all, especially him. He is not dealing with his mother's death at all and I am really worried about him. I can not figure out how to help him. He has not truly entered the greiving process yet. I think some of these practices will be of help to him, but he has not gave into it yet to even try. Any recommendations????

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  7. Hey Jill you're right dwelling on negative issues will throw the meditation off, it pollutes the purity of thought. When Jesus uses us, it is because we are valuable in His eyes, and a significant ingredient He can use for His glory. He sees things as small as smiles we give to others, as meaningful gifts, as treasures, and uses them to cheer and encourage. Oh, how I want to be one of the elements He uses in His divine mission to touch and bless others!

    You are a beloved daughter of God, and He knows you better than you know you’re self. God knows what you are capable of giving, whether it be big or small. To Him, the size of the gift is not what matters. It is the one given cheerfully that is the most precious to Him. How I you praise Him for being your Heavenly Father! How you praise Him for loving you in spite of everything!

    GOD IS USING YOU JILL, It has been a pleasure to meet you and Know you! LUV YA!