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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Unit 7 - Meeting Asciepius

My meditative practice this week was uplifting and calm as I closed my eyes to picture my loving grandmother who has been gone for 17 years, which I find hard to believe. I loved her with all my heart and soul because she was always there for me as a little girl and she was someone I could confide in. She always knew how to love me in all she did for me. I could visualize her and feel her right there with me. I brought her love into my heart and mind and could see different colors coming out of her and entering into me, which created such warmth, love, and compassion. I immediately experienced an inner healer through her love and the colors that flowed throughout my body. I was happy and calm. This is known as meeting Asciepius (Dacher, 2006).

Mediation has fostered an increase in my psychological and spiritual wellness by making all my troubles disappear as I begin to feel happiness and wholeness. I have such clarity and peace as I experience inner healing. This is a feeling of human flourishing and feeling closer to God. I now have an open heart and a clear understanding, which makes me feel dynamic.

The saying “one cannot lead another where one has not gone himself” (p. 477), means that you cannot teach or show some one how to experience human flourishing or the fruits of human flourishing if you have not experienced it for yourself. It is hard to explain the steps to achieve such a fulfilling life without practicing loving-kindness and the subtle mind exercises on a daily basis. The health and wellness professional would need to know and have experienced human flourishing for him or herself in order to teach this wonderful wholeness to life’s secret.

I would have an obligation to my clients to develop my health psychologically, physically, and spiritually because I have to believe in these exercises myself in order to share my knowledge and happiness with others. If I began to talk and share these wonderful steps to human flourishing with my clients then I need to believe in these powers or I will fail them. I could not begin talking about them and then talking negatively about people or myself, otherwise I would look like a quack. People would no longer seek my services and I would lose clients this way.

I could implement psychological and spiritual growth in my personal life by practicing the loving-kindness and subtle-mind exercises, keeping an open mind, and experiencing peace, harmony, love, and my inner happiness which will flourish outward toward others. My health will improve too when I do meet Asciepius because I have experienced inner healing and love.

Jill Jernee


Dacher, E.S. (2006). Integral health: The path to human flourishing. Laguna Beach, C.A.: Basic Health Publications, Inc.


  1. Hi Jill,
    In the first visualization exercise, I did picture my grandmother too, but I felt so nastalgic that I could not continue the meditation. She died 9 years ago, but until this day no one influence my character more than her. She was my mentor, role model, and my confessions keeper. I loved her with all my heart, I wish some times that my son can have the same relationship with my mother, but unfortunately my mother live in another contenant. I made up my choice to live here in the US and my family can not live some where other than the middle east:(
    I liked your post and I could relate to everything you said and agree that practicing first hand what we are helping others achieve is the best way to do it right and succeed.

  2. Jill,

    I too chose my grandmother. In this exercise, it seemed to make her even more so an angel (as I have always believed that she is). I truly hope that someday I can become the person that she was.


  3. Hi Jill,

    Your grandmother sounds like she was a lovely woman, and it is wonderful that you were able to manifest this healing through your meditation. I am sure you will use this method of finding inner peace and healing many times in your life.


  4. Thank you, everyone for your kind words about my grandmother. We all have a loved one and kinderd spirit we can relate too who brings us such joy when we think of them even though we are sad they are not around when we would like them to be. I am glad I can see my grandmother through my meditation exercises and experience the inner-love she has always shown to me and to others. She was always the apple core in the family who was good at holding the family together. May you all experience that kind of love that I have. God Bless you all!

  5. Jill,
    Just a thought maybe you could share these practices with Joey the anger might subside. The loving kindness is especially helpful for me when I am so very angry. I know this kind of a post for moth courses, but we can use these with our clients and they would benefit from them and grow healthier too!

  6. Hi Andrea,

    I love your suggestion! This is a great idea to help Joey along (my client in Capstone). You know, this thought did occur to me at one point during one of the week's units and then it slipped my mind by the time I went to post the progress notices for last week's discussion posts. I will be sure to put this into my next project and on the DB too. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. :)


  7. Hi Jill,

    Wow, I would like to have that kind of experience with the of Meeting Asclepius! Too me that is what I was prayin would happen to me. However, I do not think visualization is a technique that works for me. In contrast, I have found that the Relaxation technique as well as the Walking technique, Dr. Stewart read to us, do work for me.

    I am very grateful and fortunate to have become about of this course. I stumbled upon it because I was curious and wanted to learn more about helping myself then hopefully, teaching these techniques and practices.

    Continue working on what you feel your soul needs and I'm sure your higher power will lead you in the direction you will need to be. God bless and best wishes to you and your family.

    Mary R.