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Friday, April 30, 2010

Unit 10 - Summary and Reflection of Well-Being

1. Review your unit 3 personal assessment of your psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being. Reflect on these areas. How did you score yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 in unit 3? How do you score yourself now? Has the score changed? Why or why not?

2. Review the goals and activities you set for yourself in each area. Have you made progress toward the goals? Explain.

In answering both questions in the following paragraph, I have compared and reflected on my spiritual and psychological well-being, and I have remained the same. I am rated an 8 in spiritual and a 7 in psychological well-being. I feel that I am on the higher end too as I write this post. I am surprised to see that I rated myself as a 4 in week three for physical well-being and have dropped to a 2 rating. Well, at least I am being honest with myself and know where I need extra work. I noticed I’ve been eating more junk food and getting less exercise over the past few weeks. I am an emotional eater and when I’m stressed, I eat the wrong foods yet find them so comforting. I plan to work on this weakness now that school is almost over.

3. Have you implemented the activities you chose for your well-being in each of the three areas? Explain.

Beginning Monday, I will be taking frequent walks and working out to an aerobic tape in the evening in my basement. Luckily, I have a finished basement. I do plan on eating healthier by chomping on more fruits and vegetables (including celery). I will drink more water too.

I will also find more time to meditate and begin to read the Bible. I always told myself one day I would read the Bible, but never have. Now is my time because I want to feel closer to God. I also want to go to Barnes and Nobles bookstore to see what meditation CDs they sell, if any. Otherwise, I should check Wal-Mart to see what meditation CDs they carry. I want to share the experience of meditation with my family even if I have to do this as a one-on-one separately, so they do not giggle when they are together. I know how the boys are when they are together and do not need to hear their comments. By sharing the meditation CD with each child individually, they will focus more and be more serious about the experience and the quality time with mommy. I will have my husband sit with me in the evenings to as I introduce him to meditation (Mommy and Daddy alone time!)

I am still practicing my meditation but there are some days where there is so much being thrown at me. I’ve also been ill for the past week-and-a-half with bronchitis, a sinus infection, ear infection, and strep throat all in one shot that I haven’t felt energized to do much of anything except make a pot of homemade soup. Now that my antibiotics are starting to kick in, I feel more energized, and ready to kick some butt!

4. Summarize your personal experience throughout this course. Have you developed improved well-being? What has been rewarding? What has been difficult? How will this experience improve your ability to assist others?

My personal experience has been an eye-opener, especially with learning how to meditate and appreciate the knowledge I have learned from the textbooks, CD, and my classmates. Everyone has provided such encouragement, inspiration, and support along the way. What a fantastic group of students and an honor to have had the opportunity of sharing this class with you. The students have been my rewards with their motivational words of support. I can’t thank each of you enough for taking me to a whole new level of happiness and wholeness. Thank you so much! Your motivation inspires me to want to be the best, happiest, and healthiest person I can be and to share my stories of success as I embark on my new journey with others. The only challenge I had was finding the time needed for myself. Going forward, I will now have the extra time to experience human flourishing and integral health. God Bless you all!


  1. It has been an honor to work with you too Jill! I have really learned so much from this course and each of you. You have been supportive throughout our courses together and this las blog is bitter sweet! I am so thankful to have completed my bachelor's degree but I am going to miss this experience.

  2. Jill, you have progressed significantly. That is great. When I started learning all the material in the course and from fellow classmates, I started scoring my self really hard. I have a lot of work to continue to get myself where I need to be. It has been an honor to meet and learn from you. You will do great in what ever you decide to do. Take care!

  3. Great job Jill,
    Keep up the good work and I wish you the best in your future goals. I think you have a good plan just stick to it.


  4. Hi Everyone,

    Well, I did it! I started exercising today. I went for a walk around the neighborhood by myself today and I even worked out to a 20-minute toning exercise DVD. Afterwards, I took a shower and felt so energized and refreshed. I was proud of myself. On top of it, I ate extremely healthy today and drank lots of water. I ran out to the supermarket and picked up more vegetables and strawberries. I believe I am on my way to increasing my physical health. Wish me luck!


  5. Hey Jill, you are right this class has been a great learning experience. When Creation had matured to the point of understanding the highest revelation of Divine Love, the Divinity as "Father," God chose our externally inconspicuous earth for the greatest act of love of His mercy, here, where Lucifer's innermost nucleus of the spirit is held captive. God enveloped His spiritual human original center of power into a raiment of matter ("and the word became flesh"). In Jesus Christ, God Himself entered into the kingdom of humankind to instruct them and all the spirits of infinity. As the highest testament of love, He dressed Himself in the garment of matter in order to deliver the fallen ones from their judgment and to lead the purified back to the house of the Father (the parable of the prodigal son). Jesus' Spirit, God's holy original center of power, is the "Father." Jesus' soul and body, i.e., His humanness, is the "Son" that the Father created. The powers of God that emanate from eternity and which originate from the Father through the Son, are the "Holy Ghost." That is how, united in Christ, are the Father, Son and Holy Ghost (solution to the question of the Holy Trinity). Jesus: "Whosoever sees Me, sees the Father," and "I and My Father are One."

    Well Being always begins in the mind and emotions. Physical Well Being encompasses both your body and your environment. Spiritual Well Being is closely associated with our connection to Nature and to our GOD, Lord and savior. Well Being comes ultimately from our inner sense of peace then passing your peace on to others. Ultimately that is the way peace comes to the planet.

    I have listed a few ways you can easily add this to your daily routine. As you read through these ideas think about how it would effect your well being to simply incorporate just a few a day. Would you go to bed feeling a little more taken care of?

    -praying each day
    -reading or memorizing uplifting words or quotes
    -listening to uplifting music

    -writing in journal expressing feelings
    -writing letters expressing feeling (do not have to give)
    -pondering past emotions that hurt and writing it down
    -forgiving someone
    -nourishing intimate relationship with spouse
    -talk to a friend
    -ridding self of toxic relationships

    -stretching, yoga
    -going for a walk or run in the sun
    -being in nature and pondering it’s beauty
    -biking, or any exercise that raises your heart rate
    -choosing to eat healthy food
    -eliminating junk food
    -aroma therapy

    -creating something
    -studying a topic of interest
    -learning a new skill

    We often view our bodies, mind, feelings, and soul as separate entities when they are all inner connected. As you can see by the list of activities given they overflow into one another. Well-being is an on going endeavor not a destination that one reaches. I challenge you to work on these four areas of yourself each day – consciously making each day better than the last. Do not get caught in the guilt trap of trying to be perfect in these areas, that is not the idea of the exersize. Just try and be your best self each day that you live. Being our best self is a life long journey that can give us so much joy.

    It has been a pleasure to meet you! Keep God and Love FIRST! LUV Ya!